Access To Talent & Skills

Here in the Gatwick Diamond, your business can bring together a high-calibre and experienced team. The area is home to skilled and educated employees from senior executives and high-achieving graduates to skilled trade professionals.

12 million people live within one hour's drive of the Gatwick Diamond, which is home to around 406,000 economically active people.  Its fast-growing economy boasts one of the highest qualified and productive labour markets in the UK.

In 2015, the Gatwick Diamond had a total gross value added (GVA) of £24 billion and productivity levels were very high. At £63,500 per worker, the area was 16% more productive than the British economy.

Residents are highly qualified and above average when compared to the rest of the UK.  In 2016, 46% of the Gatwick Diamond working age population held NVQ4+ qualifications (equivalent to a degree or higher) - this is one of the highest levels in the UK.

The Gatwick Diamond has a high share of high-skilled jobs too, with large numbers of managers, scientific researchers or business professionals, reflective of the higher value, knowledge-based activities, such as R&D or headquarters locations.  This has been an important factor in the Gatwick Diamond’s success in attracting high-skilled businesses to the area.

Strong links with Higher and Further Education

Business is attracted by our flexible workforce as well as strong collaborative research links with universities and scientific institutions.  Our educational establishments offer a supply of well-qualified and motivated people, driving innovation and creativity for companies large and small.

  • Local academic institutions can offer flexible support for local businesses by providing:
  • High quality training, apprenticeships and continuous professional development (CPD)
  • Access to emerging technologies and resources without the need for major capital expenditure to facilitate innovation
  • Expanding research horizons through tailored research projects and specialist consultancy
  • Networking and insights on cutting edge developments from across the world.

Four Universities and three Further Education Colleges have developed courses designed to meet the needs of industry and business.  A ready supply of students with degrees, professional qualifications and vocational  skills is available.

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