Key Facts

10 reasons to locate and grow a business in the Gatwick Diamond

  1. With 45,000 businesses and £24 billion GDP (ONS 2015) the Gatwick Diamond is one of the strongest regional economies in the UK. At £63,500 per worker, the area is 16% more productive than the British economy.
  2. The Gatwick Diamond is home to the UK’s fastest growing airport – London Gatwick Airport, which offers international and domestic flights to 230 destinations in over 70 countries worldwide – it served more destinations than any other UK airport in 2018. 
  3. The Gatwick Diamond is less than one hour by road from London Heathrow airport.
  4.  Gatwick Airport is 30 minutes by rail from London and has the best rail connections of any airport in Britain, linking passengers to 120 train stations directly and over 700 within just one change.
  5. The Gatwick Diamond offers easy access to the busy commercial ports at the international gateway ports of Newhaven, Shoreham and Dover.  There is also fast motorway access to one of the world's fastest growing container ports at London Gateway, which is linked to more than 110 ports in over 60 different countries worldwide.
  6. The Gatwick Diamond is home for the UK headquarters of many global brands including ExxonMobil, Unilever, Nestle, Elekta and Doosan.
  7. 12 million people live within one hour's drive of the Gatwick Diamond, which is home to around 406,000 economically active people.  Its fast-growing economy boasts one of the highest qualified and productive labour markets in the UK.
  8. There are significant sector strengths and clusters in Aviation, Aerospace and Defence; Financial and Professional services; Life Sciences, Health Technologies and Medical Devices, Digital and e-Commerce supply chain operations and distribution.
  9. There is an excellent local supply chain and a collaborative and well networked local business community.
  10. The Gatwick Diamond is one of the most popular places in the UK to live, attracting highly educated people seeking a high quality of life and wellbeing for themselves and their families. With a rich and diverse landscape, vibrant culture and plenty of sporting and leisure activities, it attracts the talented employees you will need to make your business a success.
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