Gatwick Diamond Business Barometer

This Business Barometer research study is commissioned by The Gatwick Diamond Initiative to help monitor local economic conditions, provide a snapshot of business confidence in the Gatwick Diamond area and to measure how the Gatwick Diamond is performing as a location for business.

The survey provides quantitative and qualitative evidence of business trends to aid the three Gatwick Diamond Task Groups in their activities. In addition to general business questions, each survey also considers a particular theme.

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  • The Economic Geography of the Gatwick Diamond
    Centre for Cites (2017)
    The ability of places to attract and retain businesses and support their growth is crucial to ensure they can provide the right set of jobs for those living in and around them. As older industries decline and new industries emerge, the challenge for places is to continually adapt to manage this change and grow their economies. This research looks at how successful the economy of the Gatwick Diamond has been at doing just that. To do so, the analysis compares the Gatwick Diamond with four other comparator areas, all located in the Greater South East, which have been selected because of their similar size and proximity to London
  • Potential Loss of B1/B2/B8 Commercial Space Due To Proposed 2nd Runway. Options At London Gatwick Airport. (Stiles Harold Williams, May 2014)
    SHW were  instructed by the Gatwick Diamond Initiative to provide a report detailing the loss of commercial space (B1/B2 & B8 use) should the proposed second runway at Gatwick airport go-ahead.

  • Surrey Economic Prospects
    Produced by Invest in Surrey providing local economic intelligence in a monthly report. August 2016
    For more information or to receive Economic Prospects each month, please contact:
    Mark Pearson (Director of Business Growth)
    Surrey County Council

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