Shout Out to Employers to join 4Work Saver Scheme

14 August 2019

Metrobus is offering employers across its network a free of charge four week Metrovoyager ticket to any new employees starting or having recently started a new job.

The award winning company believe in buses for everyone and, alongside its fellow operators, offer a wide variety of affordable travel offers to the community enabling them to get out of their cars and onto buses to lower congestion and pollution.

New employees to the 4Work Saver Scheme will receive a key card in their name, loaded with a pre-paid four week Metrovoyager product – providing unlimited travel on all Metrobus services including all Brighton & Hove Bus services too! As the Metrovoyager ticket approaches the end of its four week free period, employees have the opportunity to keep the card and top them up online (or at any Metrobus travel shops in Crawley, Gatwick and Redhill). Alternatively, they can switch to the mobile app where they can also purchase tickets online. Both of these solutions help keep buses moving for more of the time and provide access to the cheapest fares.

For more information about the 4WORK Saver Scheme contact Lewis Jackson

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