HCLG report on high streets and town centres in 2030

21 February 2019

Dated policies and an unfair tax regime must be reformed to create an environment that will allow high streets and town centres to flourish in the future, a report published by the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee has found.

With online sales currently at 20%, and changing consumer behaviour meaning this is likely to continue growing, the future for high streets and town centres will become increasingly bleak.

Some formerly thriving shopping areas are likely to become ghost towns and effectively close down altogether unless the Government, councils, retailers, landlords and the local community act together to implement the Committee’s recommendations.

The report sets out a bold vision for the high street based on locally led strategies, developed with local communities and businesses at the centre, and reflective of evolving commercial and economic patterns.

The Committee calls on the Government to initiate reform in key planning and taxation areas, including the options of an online sales tax and reforms to business rates, to allow high streets to adapt to changing demand, and compete with online retailers such as Amazon on a level playing field.

The full article can be viewed at:  http://cranleighbiz.co.uk/2019/02/hclg-report-on-high-streets-and-town-centres-in-2030/

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