Nearly 150 leaders attend Gatwick Airport backed local business forum

16 June 2017

Gatwick Airport sponsored the annual Gatwick Diamond Economic Growth Forum, as nearly 150 business leaders attended to celebrate the £24 billion Gatwick Diamond economy.

With a record number of 391,000 business passengers departing from Gatwick in May, the airport’s Chief Executive Officer, Stewart Wingate, was a keynote speaker at the Forum and discussed opportunities for growing the region’s economy further over the next fifteen years.

The airport’s GDP impact in the Gatwick Diamond has risen to £2.3bn and 36,000 jobs, meaning 10% of the Diamond’s economy can be traced back to Gatwick, which is estimated to support one in every twelve jobs in the region.

Gatwick’s long haul network also continues to grow as it launched 20 new long haul routes last year and is now offering more than 50 long haul destinations, putting it in the premier league of airports and providing a gateway to the world for local businesses in the Diamond.

Delegates attending the Forum at the Arora Hotel in Crawley, now in its fifth year, also heard from a host of other speakers, including: Paul Swinney from Centre For Cities, Rosemary French, CEO of Gatwick Diamond Initiative and Robert Pickles, Head of Corporate & Government Affairs for Canon UK & Ireland.

Gatwick’s Chief Executive Officer, Stewart Wingate, said:

“Clearly the Gatwick Diamond is currently performing really well and has some real strengths, Gatwick being one of them. We are proud to be one of the biggest economic drivers in the South East, as we have seen the number of business passengers travelling through Gatwick continue to grow from strength to strength.

“We need to continue to work together to understand how to maintain and grow the competitive position of this area.”

Gatwick Diamond Initiative’s Chief Executive Officer, Rosemary French, said:

“We heard some extremely interesting research from Centre for Cities and Grant Thornton which will guide our strategy for economic growth for the next five years. 

“It is good to note that the Gatwick Diamond area remains one of the UK’s best performing areas, while recognising that growth brings with it a number of pressures too, which need to be managed to maintain the success of the area.”

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