Gatwick Diamond Initiative Sponsors Economic Growth Forum

25 May 2017

The Gatwick Diamond Initiative is pleased to announce its sponsorship of this year’s Gatwick Diamond Economic Growth Forum, which is taking place on Thursday 15 June in Crawley.

The event will bring together business executives and policy makers from across Sussex and Surrey to hear the findings of new research about the area’s economic and employment performance.  The research is being conducted by ‘Centre for Cities’, an independent think-tank which helps regions to understand their drivers of economic growth.  As well as providing a snapshot of the Gatwick Diamond economy compared to other UK locations, it will be used to inform future strategies to ensure the region continues to be a strong environment for economic and employment growth.   

A representative from Grant Thornton will also speak about its own ‘Vibrant Economy Index’, which measures the current position of Gatwick Diamond local authority areas across six baskets of socio-economic indicators.  Together, these provide an indication of the area’s ‘dynamism’. 

At the event, both reports will be set against the backdrop of the Government’s new national Industrial Strategy and contributions from local business and government figures will mean that delegates will leave with a deeper understanding of the future of the Gatwick Diamond economy and how they might influence it for the better. 

Rosemary French OBE, Executive Director of the Gatwick Diamond Initiative said: “This is an opportunity for people from across the Gatwick Diamond to come together to identify and discuss opportunities, debate threats and celebrate success in the £24 billion Gatwick Diamond economy”.

As well as the Gatwick Diamond Initiative, the event is sponsored by Gatwick Airport, Grant Thornton, the Royal Bank of Scotland, and Irwin Mitchell.  For more information visit

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