Launch of Gatwick Diamond Meet the Buyers 2017

28 April 2017

The Sponsors of the Gatwick Diamond Meet the Buyers hosted a number of Supporters and Buyers for the Launch of the 2017 Programme.

The Launch was held at the Arora Hotel in Crawley and the sponsors are Gatwick Airport, the Gatwick Diamond Initiative and Crawley Borough Council.

Speaking at the Launch, Rosemary French, Executive Director of the Gatwick Diamond Initiative, said, “Gatwick Diamond Meet the Buyers brings local, regional and national buyers together with businesses from across the region.  Now in our 17th year, Gatwick Diamond Meet the Buyers creates real business opportunities for those that take part.   

“How do we know?  Because over £22.5m of business is estimated to have been created since 2010 and this year there will be more than 2,000 sales meetings at the Meet the Buyers event in October.”

The Programme starts with a series of Free Workshops that address a whole range of issues that face businesses of any size. 

The Meet the Buyers event will be held on 18th October 2017 at the Arora Hotel in Crawley.  The Buyers will come from all sectors including Business Services, Manufacturing & Innovation, Public Sector & Utilities, International Business and Construction & Infrastructure.

Alison Addy, Head of Community Engagement at Gatwick, said: “Gatwick Diamond Meet the Buyers is a fantastic opportunity for businesses of all sizes across the region and Gatwick Airport is delighted to continue our longstanding support for this programme.

The airport’s GDP impact in the Gatwick Diamond has risen to £2.3bn and 36,000 jobs, meaning 10% of the Diamond’s economy can be traced back to the airport, making us one of the largest economic drivers for the South East region.”

Rosemary concluded “This is a really exciting event for the business community.  I’ve been involved with Meet the Buyers for the past 16 Years and I’m delighted with the innovations being introduced for the 2017 Programme.  With the Free seminars, the level of the Buyers and the intelligence that will be applied to the matching process, we are sure to see a real impact on the local economy.”

To find out more, please contact the event organisers on 01293 813889 or email


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