Response to Airport Expansion Decision

25 October 2016

Jeff Alexander, Executive Director of the Gatwick Diamond Initiative said: “The Government’s decision today is undoubtedly a big setback. However, it is clearly not the end of the story. We have argued forcefully that a second runway at Gatwick is the right way forward. We, and many others, have also questioned whether the Heathrow option is deliverable. The strength of these arguments hasn’t suddenly gone away.

It is very noticeable that the Government has said very little about Gatwick today, other than to acknowledge that it will obviously continue to be an important part of the UK's transport infrastructure. I suspect the failure to fully acknowledge the positive case for Gatwick is driven by concern not to provide fuel for the challenges to its decision that lie ahead.

Meanwhile, we have an airport at the heart of the Gatwick Diamond economy that supports over 30,000 jobs, caters for some 43 million passengers per year and provides excellent connectivity domestically and internationally with 50 long-haul routes.  What would the Northern Powerhouse or Midlands give for that?"

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