03 October 2016

The Manor Royal BID company, MRBD Limited, held its latest AGM yesterday (Thursday 29 September) at the Premier Inn in Fleming Way.

This was the third AGM of the BID company that came into being on June 2013, following a vote from businesses that led to its formation.

Trevor Williams, Director of Thales UK and Keith Pordum, Managing Director at Bon Appetit, were formally re-appointed  and Tony Maynard, UK Facilities Manager at CGG was elected to the Board of Directors on a show of hands..

The Manor Royal BID has now passed the half-way point of its first five-year term and many of its planned projects are being delivered.  A recent survey of all Manor Royal businesses found that 97% of respondents said they were ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with Manor Royal as a place to do business.  76% of respondents were ‘supportive of the BID’ and its activities.

The work of the BID is set out in a business plan that companies based on Manor Royal have voted for.  The AGM is an important event where the progress against the plan is discussed and accounted for. 

At the AGM, the BID Chairman announced the completion of a significant project to enhance security around the business district.  This collaboration between the Manor Royal BID, Sussex Police and West Sussex County Council, has seen CCTV and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras positioned at strategic locations, to give enhanced coverage and security across Manor Royal. 

Speaking after the AGM, Chairman Trevor Williams said:  “The outlook for the Manor Royal BID remains positive.  We have significant support from the local business community, which is now seeing the benefits of our team and partners’ work.  There is still much to do, but good progress has been made and we continue to leverage critical investment from third party sources to improve the trading environment of Manor Royal - the premier mixed use business location in West Sussex.”

The latest Manor Royal BID Annual Report is now available to view online via the BID website at

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