03 October 2016

A significant project to enhance security at Manor Royal Business District has been completed thanks to a collaboration between the Manor Royal BID (Business Improvement District), Sussex Police and West Sussex County Council.

A combination of CCTV and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras have been positioned at strategic locations to give enhanced coverage and security across the area.  

The project was initiated last year by the Manor Royal BID in response to feedback that security was a priority for businesses. While Manor Royal does not suffer from high levels of reported crime compared to other similar areas, the lack of area-wide security measures has been a concern given the number of businesses on Manor Royal and its proximity to Gatwick Airport. 

Monitored 24/7, these cameras make Manor Royal a ‘harder target’ for criminal activity and will complement Manor Royal Business Watch.  The data collected can be used by intelligence teams to collect patterns of movement of suspect vehicles, enabling the police to target known offenders.  Their vehicles can be monitored in real time and police resources can be intelligently deployed to make an intervention if needed.   Where a crime is reported, the investigation teams may also use the data collected to identify any suspect through the use of advanced analytical products.  

The Manor Royal BID and Sussex Police have a strong partnership approach to crime prevention and reduction and both parties are serious in their intent to work together to prevent and detect crime.   This ground-breaking project has been looked at by other consortiums as a model for successful partnership working with the police.  It is being funded by contributions from the BID levy and a grant of £250,000 from West Sussex County Council’s Kick Start funding scheme.   

Steve Sawyer, Executive Director of Manor Royal BID commented:  “This project has enabled us to develop a positive and active relationship with Sussex Police.  Businesses still have a responsibility for taking the necessary steps to protect their own property and premises. The difference now is that they can be reassured that we have a robust system in place that is supported, endorsed and designed by Sussex Police.”

Giles York, Chief Constable of Sussex Police said:  “This is a great example of the business community working closely with the police and the council to ensure there is the necessary infrastructure in place to protect local businesses. The introduction of new technology and better sharing of information enables us to better proactively prevent crime and catch criminals. I look forward to seeing the results of this project and finding out more about its potential for wider roll out across Sussex.”

Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne said:  “This is about using the latest technology to not only detect and deter crime but ensure police resources are used intelligently. Sussex Police is leading the way in the use of new technology and this partnership approach will act as a template not only for other areas across our county but also for policing business districts up and down the country. I commend partners on their innovative approach to tackling crime.”

Louise Goldsmith, Leader of West Sussex County Council said: “Safety and security are of such vital importance to West Sussex residents and business as we know people need to feel safe in the home and work environments.  When we were approached for funding for this scheme, we were impressed and confident this innovation would make Manor Royal safer and as we actively work in partnership with our businesses we were delighted to support it.”

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