Business Leaders show support for Gatwick Second Runway

21 June 2016

Jeff Alexander, Executive Director of the Gatwick Diamond Initiative, has joined other business organisations in co-signing a letter to the Prime Minister urging for expansion at Gatwick Airport.

Representatives from 36 Business Groups based across the region have presented the letter, stating why Gatwick is the right location for the next Runway.

The letter can be accessed here.

The 36 Groups have a combined membership in excess of 15,000 businesses who, it is estimated, employ over 100,000 people.

These groups, the businesses and their employees live and work in villages, towns and cities from South London to the South Coast and so they understand the impact of a second runway alongside the economic and societal benefits.

Jeremy Taylor of Gatwick Diamond Business, who co-ordinated the support for the letter said: “This is the clearest indication the PM needs that the next runway for the country should be built at Gatwick.  It is the cheapest and most deliverable option that causes the lowest impact of the schemes under consideration.

“Those who oppose have made a lot of noise for a very small number of people; the quiet majority now feel it is their turn to be heard.”

Jonathan Sharrock, Chief Executive of Coast to Capital LEP said: “We strongly support an early decision by Ministers on the provision of a new runway in the South East of England. Our preference is for a second runway at Gatwick, which will create tens of thousands of new jobs and contribute £1.7 Bn per year to the local economy.”

Local businessman, Brett North, joined the group and said: “The connectivity that we get from Gatwick Airport is vital to our business.  With a £60million investment in our site in Crawley, we know that a second runway at Gatwick will bring us opportunities with new and existing markets.”

The group was also joined by a representative of the community.  Retired airport worker Yvonne Prior, who worked in the Route Development Team, helps to run a highly popular community Facebook group ( supporting the Runway. 

Yvonne said: “For many people who live and work in the region, Gatwick is a vital employer.  Whether you are in an airport job or not, there is a huge benefit to having this Airport on our doorstep and the second runway will only bring more benefits to the area.

“That view is supported by over 2,600 people who are a part of the Facebook group.  That’s more than the combined support for all of the groups who oppose the runway. 

“It’s about time the MPs and other politicians realised that their constituents want a second runway at Gatwick.”

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