New frameworks build Gatwick’s readiness for runway decision

22 February 2016

Gatwick Airport has today announced its requirement for three new frameworks which will further its transformation programme and kick off the airport’s design and infrastructure partnerships in preparation for building its second runway.

The three frameworks are for:

1. Airport planning services  

2. Architectural, structural and building services design and engineering for projects less than £5 million

3. Multi-discipline design and engineering for projects greater than £5 million

The airport planning services framework incorporates key infrastructure planning associated with the second runway, and is estimated between £3 million and £5 million. It will include architectural and engineering services, urban planning, landscape engineering, technical consulting and analysis. These services will relate to the future development of the airport to define and scope high level conceptual solutions, including airport infrastructure related to:

  • Runways
  • Taxiways
  • Aprons
  • Aircraft Stands
  • Terminal Buildings
  • Piers
  • Car Parks
  • Engineering Hangars

The two design frameworks incorporate lower complexity design work for projects up to £5 million in value, and higher complexity design work for projects above the £5 million threshold. Both design frameworks relate to the delivery of the following services: architectural design, civil and structural engineering design and mechanical and electrical design.

All three frameworks incorporate works which are already part of Gatwick’s transformation programme which is now committed at £2.5 billion since becoming independent from BAA in 2009, up to 2021. The estimated value of these frameworks is approximately £75 million with additional funding for second runway related projects, which have a potential works value of £150 to £200 million.

The frameworks highlight Gatwick’s readiness to build a second runway ahead of the Government decision later this year.

Raymond Melee, Gatwick Airport’s Development Director said: 

“The publication of three new frameworks sends a clear message to the industry that Gatwick has a pipeline of major construction work that will satisfy all types of construction industry partners. 

“We are investing £2.5 billion to transform our airport and continue to drive growth, while we wait for the green light to start building our second runway. With frameworks spanning a five year time-frame, it’s important that potential partners in the runway build are included in these frameworks so that we can keep the process moving forward.

“Gatwick is the only deliverable option which can satisfy the government’s ambition to have another runway built in the South East by 2025. A second runway at Gatwick will provide greater economic benefits than a third runway at Heathrow at a fraction of the environmental cost.”

Interested firms can find out more about the pre-qualification process and questionnaire in the published OJEU Contract Notices. Additional information will also be made available at a supplier forum which will be held at the Hilton Hotel at Gatwick Airport on 26th February 2016. Companies interested in attending the supplier forum should follow the instructions within the OJEU notices at the following links:

Construction Design Framework - Low Complexity -

Construction Design Framework: Medium/Higher Complexity -

Airport Planning Services Framework -

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