09 February 2016

During the recent cold snap, companies located on Manor Royal Business District could be reassured their employees’ journeys to work were safer thanks to the Manor Royal BID.

Following an agreement with EFP Gritting, preparations have been made to ensure that all the roads not gritted by the council around the business district remain fit for purpose in the event of a prolonged cold snap.

The Manor Royal Winter Maintenance Plan has been agreed and EFP Gritting will provide a team of gritting vehicles armed with enough salt to clear ice and snow from the business district’ streets which are not generally part of the council’s gritting or snow clearing routes.  Road surface temperatures are closely monitored and the new service is activated when conditions suggest a risk of hoar frost/ice or snow that might cause disruption.  The service was activated on six occasions in January equating to approximately 30 kilometres of treated road. 

Steve Sawyer, Executive Director of the BID said:  “Whilst we haven’t seen extreme wintery weather for a few years now, we have sought to prepare for heavy snowfall should it arrive. With the council’s gritting crews focused on key arterial routes, we felt that we should help people across Manor Royal get to work safely by clearing snow from the smaller roads that wouldn’t otherwise be treated.  Additional winter maintenance was one of the priorities identified by businesses at the start of the BID. Without the BID’s contribution, these areas would not be gritted, resulting in potentially hazardous conditions.”

Mark Bryant, Managing Director from EFP Gritting said:   “We are delighted to work with the Manor Royal BID team and provide our gritting services to keep Manor Royal moving in wintery conditions.   As a local firm, it is particularly rewarding to supplement the excellent work the BID is already doing to make Manor Royal a premier business location.”

The Manor Royal BID Winter Maintenance Plan is available via the BID’s website and is flexible enough to be adapted to changing circumstances and to accommodate requests from individual businesses and private landlords. For more information about the Manor Royal Winter Weather Service, please contact Steve Sawyer on 01293 519 415.

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