25 August 2015

David Butcher (Chairman of the Gatwick Diamond Initiative Management Group and Managing Director of FD Outsourcing Ltd.) has reacted strongly to comments made by Sir Howard Davies (former Chairman of the Airports Commission).

Howard Davies recently attacked a report published by Gatwick Airport: “A Second Runway for Gatwick: Airports Commission Final Report – Areas of Concern”.  This 50-page report highlights a number of fundamental omissions in the Commission’s Final Report and challenges the balance and fairness of a number of the Commission’s conclusions.

David Butcher has responded: “It is extremely unfortunate that Sir Howard has shown an inability or unwillingness to refute any of the substantive points that have been raised in the report, instead choosing to make an unjustifiable personal attack on Stewart Wingate.  The issues raised by Gatwick’s report are of critical importance to both the health of the Gatwick Diamond economy and to the wider UK economy and deserve to be given serious attention.”

David goes on to add: “At a public consultation in Crawley, I told Sir Howard personally that, in my opinion, he had failed to adequately consult this area’s business community or to properly understand the economic implications of the proposals.  I believe it is essential that, over the coming months, the business community works with Gatwick Airport to highlight to Government that Gatwick is indeed the best option for expansion, not just for this area but for the UK as a whole.”

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