100 New Jobs from Coast to Capital Growing Places Deal

12 August 2015

Coast to Capital has announced its latest loan investment from its Growing Places Fund of £2.5m to GE-AET Ltd in Crawley, West Sussex. The deal has the potential to create 100 new jobs in West Sussex.

GE-AET Ltd offers industrial corporations the opportunity to install energy-saving technology systems that have the potential to reduce up to 85% of the cost of heating and ventilating high volume industrial and commercial buildings. The company will manufacture its new energy-saving technology products and systems in West Sussex.

David Jones, GE-AET company’s Chief Technical Officer says:  “The solution to provide risk-free energy savings was made possible thanks to Coast to Capital and its Growing Places Fund.  The Coast to Capital team has been extremely helpful in assisting us to finance a new manufacturing plant from where we will manufacture and install high efficiency energy systems for many of the UKs leading companies.”

GE-AET Ltd is looking to create over 100 wide ranging new jobs in the next 18 months across the areas of IT, Sales/Marketing, Engineering, and manufacturing as well as office related posts.

Ron Crank, Chief Executive of Coast to Capital LEP said:  “I am glad to see that the Growing Places Fund is able to support such an innovative and exciting company. I look forward to seeing GE-AET achieve its expected growth in the coming years as a result of our investment.”

For more information visit:  http://www.globe-energy.com/ and www.coast2capital.org.uk

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