Gatwick Airport to achieve record-breaking summer

29 July 2015

London Gatwick is set to have record-breaking summer with 6.8 million passengers expected to travel through the airport.

During the most popular week, more than a million passengers will pass through the airport and, on the busiest day, Gatwick will serve more than 150,000 travellers.

Gatwick serves over 200 destinations – more than any other London airport – and, of these, the top ten leisure and business destinations that Gatwick passengers will jet off to this summer will be: 

• Barcelona
• Malaga
• Palma de Mallorca
• Dublin
• Faro
• Alicante
• Orlando
• Madrid
• Dalaman
• Amsterdam

Madrid jumps back in to the top 10 for first time in four years as passenger numbers grow by 40% on last summer, primarily due to the introduction of extra flights from new Gatwick airline, Iberia Express. Dublin, one of the top 50 European business destinations, is the biggest climber in the top 10 moving up four places in Gatwick’s chart of most popular destinations, an 18% year on year increase. 

The top five long-haul destinations from Gatwick are:

• Orlando
• Dubai
• Cancun
• Sharm el Sheik
• Las Vegas

Orlando sees growth in passenger numbers of 20% with the number of people travelling to Dubai also up 5%. The continued success of the Middle East destination is due to the double-daily Emirates A380 that now operates from Gatwick with passengers taking advantage of extra capacity to visit this key business destination.

This summer travellers at Gatwick will be able to embrace the holiday spirit from the moment they enter the airport as ‘Fun Fridays’ are set to take off to keep families entertained. Visitors will be able to meet Jack Sparrow as he crusades the terminal as well as take part in an exciting and lively natural history show. 

Nick Dunn, Chief Financial Officer at Gatwick Airport, said:

“We fly to more destinations than any other London airport so we’re in an excellent position to offer the summer’s favourite holiday and business destinations. Our growth in both long-haul and short-haul services reflects that we are the only airport to serve all business models - full service, low cost and charter – and provides a clear demonstration of the choice and value we offer passengers across the board.”

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