Coast to Capital LEP response to Davies Commission

01 July 2015

Coast to Capital LEP regrets the decision of the Davies Commission to recommend expansion at Heathrow rather than at Gatwick.

We welcome the Commission's conclusion that Gatwick is a plausible and credible solution to the need for expanded airport capacity.

We hope the Government will now make a rapid decision and we echo Sir Howard Davies' view that a prolonged delay will damage the UK's competitive position. The Commission has re-confirmed that additional airport capacity will lead to an increase in business, international trade and jobs, and we welcome that whatever the final decision. 

Our view remains that Gatwick is clearly the best choice. It is the most deliverable option, with the least impact on the environment and the lowest cost. We would urge the Government to be decisive and to give the all options full consideration and we hope that Gatwick will finally be given the green light. Whatever the Government's decision, Gatwick remains at the economic heart of our region.

We will be working with the airport and our partners in the Gatwick Diamond to make sure that existing Gatwick capacity and growth plans result in business growth, jobs and trade and opportunities for businesses, local people and communities. We see an exciting future ahead for the airport and the surrounding area.

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