Raymond Melee appointed Gatwick development dir.

01 April 2015

Gatwick has appointed one of the world’s most experienced airport construction project managers to prepare the groundwork and ensure construction of a new runway can start immediately, should the Government and planning authorities give it the green light.

The UK urgently needs more runway capacity and Raymond Melee will make sure not a moment is lost and Gatwick can start construction as soon as a possible after achieving the necessary permissions.  If approved, a new runway at Gatwick is set to be operational by 2025 – earlier than other schemes being considered.
As Gatwick’s new director of development, Raymond brings with him nearly three decades of experience building over 25 international airports across four continents, including Abu Dhabi International Airport UAE, Mumbai International Airport, India, and Singapore Changi International Airport.
Raymond will also be responsible for taking forward a £1 billion investment programme to improve the existing airport infrastructure, including a complete transformation of the North Terminal.   
Raymond Melee, Gatwick Director of Development, said: “The UK has been debating a new runway in the South East for decades and there is little time left for talk. More capacity is urgently needed and, from a construction perspective, Gatwick’s plans are comparatively low risk and have few complex hurdles to overcome.
“Gatwick expansion is the most deliverable option and will deliver more passengers and destinations earlier, while boosting choice and competition at a fraction of the cost, complexity, and environmental impact of expansion at Heathrow. Give us the green light and our new runway and terminal will be operational by 2025.”
Building a new runway at Gatwick is a comparatively simple construction project and can be delivered quickly because:
· The land is safeguarded and has been set aside, so comparatively few planning obstacles to overcome
· Construction is low risk and would cause minimal disruption with no requirement to put the M25 into tunnels, widen the M4, or move and rebuild a giant waste plant, as there is at Heathrow
· No taxpayers’ money needs to be found as the entire project will be privately financed.  Heathrow needs up to £5.7 billion of taxpayer’s money to pay for transport improvements alone
· The airport is located in a largely rural setting with flights from an expanded Gatwick impacting only 5% of the almost a million who would be affected at Heathrow, and
· Comparatively low environmental impact – without the noise, road congestions and air quality issues associated with Heathrow

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