Young Start-up Talent Founders to be guest speakers at the International Youth Time Conference in Rhodes

23 September 2014

Matt Turner, the Gatwick Diamond Young Entrepreneur of the Year and managing director of Creative Pod and Lorraine Nugent, the managing director of Media Word Waves who are both the founders of Young Start-up Talent have been invited as guest speakers at the International Youth Time Forum which will be held between 25th- 29th September in Rhodes, Greece.

“We both feel honoured to be chosen to speak in front of other business minds and inspiring new business heads with representatives from around the world.” Explains Lorraine Nugent.

The International Youth Time Forum in Rhodes is an event that takes place once a year with the main aim to bring business, government, educators and youth together for a conference of conversation, understanding and idea generation to collaboratively come up with solutions to solve youth unemployment. It acts as a conference to tackle world problems, primarily based around unemployment and the “demographic time bomb” which sees various populations ageing but young people remaining unemployed. The forum includes the most important stakeholders in trying to solve unemployment, the youth themselves but also includes important global figureheads who can support and find further solutions.

Matt Turner and Lorraine Nugent have monumental achievements under each of their belts making them well suited to act as guest speakers at the International Youth Time Forum. With much success in their own businesses, the pair created Young Start-up Talent, a community based project aimed at inspiring and encouraging young people to explore their entrepreneurial flair, making them a perfect match to discuss tackling youth unemployment in the world.

Lorraine has also been recently nominated for the Natwest Venus Awards under the category of Influential Woman of the Year giving both her, and Matt great credibility to act as representatives of the UK at the conference.

“I am delighted that Lorraine and I have been recognised for our hard work towards the youth community and cannot wait to collaboratively explore new ideas to tackle global youth unemployment.” States Matt Turner.

With International Youth Time Forums held across the world to tackle youth unemployment, it shows the business community, the youth and governments from across the globe coming together to tackle an important issue, making it a very prestigious event.

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