Project launched to help visitors and businesses find their way around Manor Royal

10 September 2014

Visitors to Manor Royal could soon find their experience transformed as signage and directions around the business district undergo a radical overhaul.

The Manor Royal BID team has embarked on an exciting, new project with the prime objective to improve the quality of signage, reduce clutter and improve confusing directions. This follows a recent survey that revealed the quality of signage, wayfinding and visitor information in the business district is regarded as poor and in need of attention.
As part of this project, the team has launched two surveys for visitors and businesses, which can be found on the Manor Royal website. Steve Sawyer, Manor Royal BID executive director, said input from everyone is very important to the success of the project and to make sure it addresses the right issues and works for Manor Royal visitors, staff and businesses.
“Everything the BID does is part of making Manor Royal as good a place as possible for everyone who works there or visits it,” Mr Sawyer continued.
“One thing people have told us that could really do with improvement is the fact it’s so hard to find your way around the place. The signage isn’t good enough and it’s not easy for visitors, so the wayfinding project is all about improving the look of the place and its user-friendliness.”
He added: “A coherent visual presentation style across the whole place would show joined-up thinking, and reinforce the message of the BID as one united entity.”
Wayfinding consultancy firm Design JD has been drafted in to review existing signage across the business district and help come up with a more uniform and coherent design.
When the surveys close at the end of the month and Design JD’s report is complete, the BID team will work with Crawley Borough and West Sussex County council to see how its recommendations can be put into effect to make Manor Royal an easier and more pleasant place to visit and work, and also enhance its status in the wider regional community.
If you work, visit or run a business on Manor Royal, the BID Team invites you to get involved by completing a short online survey, which can be found on the home page of the Manor Royal website at
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