11 June 2014

Giant International announced today the appointment of Rob Shone as Creative Director. The independent creative marketing agency Giant believes the appointment of such a high calibre talent to this new senior role augurs well for its further growth in the design, events and exhibition sector.

Rob will be primarily responsible for using his vast experience of working alongside some of the biggest brands in the world to provide Giant’s customers with an exceptional creative and immersive experience. Rob will also be leading the creative team, whilst ensuring Giant’s own brand has a clear personality and the Giant group of companies has a cohesive approach to its own creative strategy.

Giant International is a growing independent creative marketing agency specialising in exhibitions and events. As part of this latest growth, Tony Cozzi, Managing Director of Giant, confirmed that Rob will also merge his existing exhibition and design company into Giant.

Giant and Rob’s clients can now look forward to an even better level of account management and enhanced creative design, as this combined resource promises to provide awardwinning concepts and innovative productions. Prior to running his own operation, Rob worked for Enigma, Firbank Kempster and RB Design.

Commenting further, Tony Cozzi said “This is wonderful news for Giant and for Rob as we increase our client base and expand into ever more complex projects and larger worldwide campaigns. More importantly, to attract someone of Rob’s outstanding talent and experience can only be a good thing for our clients”.

Rob has been working with Giant as both a client and supplier providing design for the past year. Building on the success of that, it is a natural progression for Rob to join the Giant design team and do what he does best, lead others and provide innovative, inspirational creative direction


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