31 March 2014

Emirates has launched its inaugural A380 services from London Gatwick, marking a major milestone in the transformation of the airport into a world-class aviation facility and global gateway to London.

The introduction of the iconic A380, which can accommodate over 500 passengers, further strengthens the long-standing relationship between Emirates and the airport, which spans more than 26 years. The airline offers three daily services between Gatwick and Dubai and will fly the double-decker superjumbo on its final flight each day.

Emirates will be making use of one of the newest additions to Gatwick’s airfield – its £6.4m A380 stand. Part of Gatwick’s £1 billion investment in transforming its infrastructure, stand 110 on pier 6 of North Terminal, was completed last year. Specifically designed with the world’s largest commercial aircraft in mind, these new facilities once again demonstrate how Gatwick is competing in London for both airlines and passengers with Heathrow.

Scheduled A380 services from Gatwick are particularly important as the airport looks to make best use of the world’s busiest single runway. The size of the A380 coupled with its ultra-efficient fuel technology means it offers a unique balance between increasing the number of passengers per flight while reducing the environmental impacts of growth. As well as being the quietest long-range aircraft, the A380 burns 20% less fuel than its nearest rival.

Guy Stephenson, Chief Commercial Officer of London Gatwick, said: “Following the strong performance of Emirates’ Dubai routes from Gatwick and increasing passenger demand, we are delighted with the decision to introduce a scheduled A380 service. The A380 is one of the modern marvels of aviation engineering which both business and leisure passengers are keen to experience.

“Emirates passengers expect exceptional service and facilities – and the start of A380 services from Gatwick is evidence of the confidence Emirates has in our airport. It also demonstrates what modern Gatwick is all about – world-class facilities, great customer service and global connections – and proves once again that we are a major player in the aviation industry.”

Laurie Berryman, Emirates Vice President UK Emirates, said: “It is fitting that Gatwick’s renewed spirit of ambition, as symbolised in their modernisation programme of recent years, will now be joined by Emirates’ own symbol of ambition and connectivity, the world’s largest passenger jet. Now, more people in the South East of England will be able to connect to more destinations and that is great news for holidaymakers and business travellers alike."

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