08 October 2013

Surrey Connects, the economic development company for Surrey, has launched 'The Big Debate' - a campaign designed to get the county's business community talking about the issues which will help Surrey build and maintain a vibrant future.

The Big Debate will comprise a series of activities designed to stimulate fresh thinking and new ideas around key themes such as aviation, housing and energy. These will include: an online 'thought-exchange', one of the largest business surveys ever undertaken among the county's business community (conducted in conjunction with Surrey County Council) and a thought-leadership lecture on sustainability in the Autumn.

In order to stimulate the debate, Surrey Connects will also be looking to promote present day business leaders and historical innovators with a connection to Surrey.  Inspirational figures such as Alan Turing (widely considered to be the father of computer science and artificial intelligence) and Gordon Murray, (the renowned designer of Formula One race cars).

As a business-led enterprise partnership, Surrey Connects works to stimulate growth across Surrey in partnership with Surrey County Council, Surrey Chamber of Commerce and others.  A champion of 'Smart Economic Growth', it aims to increase the value of the economy and promote Surrey as a world-class business location.   Smart economic growth harnesses technology and innovative ways of working to increase productivity without damaging the environment. 

Mark Pearson, Chief Executive says: "We would like the business community to actively participate in exchanging best practice, developing new thinking and putting forward new ways of working.  We also want businesses to share their views about economic growth and to help us develop bold proposals that we can put to government to help promote investment in Surrey and generate future growth."

To find out more about Surrey Connects, visit www.surreyconnects.com or contact Mark Pearson at mark.pearson@surreyconnects.com

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