MANOR ROYAL TO MONACO - #isjeremykermit?

30 May 2013

Gatwick Diamond Business (gdb) raises funds for charity via car vs public transport race from Manor Royal to Monaco. Yes CEO Jeremy Taylor really did dress as Kermit - a frog in France!

In previous years Gatwick Diamond Business (gdb) has carried out fundraising activities that involved a number of fit & healthy business people climbing or walking in unforgiving conditions and up steep hills! This year, the idea was to get a number of cars, driven by gdb members, from Manor Royal to Monaco and for Jeremy Taylor, the CEO, to travel by public transport in the same day.

The challenge was then laid down that he would carry out his journey dressed as Kermit; yes, a frog in France. To their full credit a number of teams chose to complete their drive also in fancy dress including superheroes, characters from Austin Powers or the Top Gear team. The 11 driving teams and the 'train team' (Jeremy with the gdb Chairman & Treasurer, Steve Pullen and David Montgomery, along with our wives - who subsequently donned "I'm with Kermit" T-shirts) left Manor Royal at 4.30am on the 11th May 2013.

With channel tunnel crossings and train tickets booked, everyone had a tight schedule. The 'train team' walked to their first bus stop, took the bus to Gatwick Airport train station to connect through to St Pancras for the Eurostar to Paris. Crossing the French capital by RER to the Gare du Lyon for a fast train to Monaco, find a bus & then sprint to the finish line! The Train Team arrived at 7.50pm, coming 10th out of all the teams, only beating those who had used a more ‘scenic’ route and speed. The first three cars to arrive were easyJet, PVL & Extech.

The total raised so far is astonishing and we are very grateful to all the teams who took part, along with those who gave their time and support to making the event run so well. The teams who took part included the following businesses; Creative Pod with gdb, easyJet, PVL, Jumpstart Interactive LLP, Extech, Carpenter Box LLP, Reeves LLP, Coulsdon Audi with Harvey John & AM&M, South Lodge Hotel, Wessex Networks, Media Word Waves with Janette Whitney & LloydsTSB and Unibind. We received great support from: Basepoint - seeing us off with coffee & breakfast and providing snack bags The Arora Hotel - providing pastries first thing that morning PVL UK - creating graphics and wrapping 11 cars in less than a day

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