• New Industrial Strategy or Groundhog Day?

    01 April 2017 - Rosemary French

    The powers to be have been busy with their White Paper on Housing and their Green Paper on an Industrial Strategy.

  • Local plans

    01 February 2017 - Rosemary French

  • The delicate balance of the migrant issue

    01 December 2016 - Rosemary French

  • What happened to Recruitment Manners?

    01 October 2016 - Rosemary French

  • Light at the end of the tunnel?

    09 August 2016 - Jeff Alexander

    I am writing this on the first day of the Southern Rail guards strike which follows months of misery for commuters and disruption and loss for businesses. It might seem like the least appropriate time possible to take a positive look at rail transport from a Gatwick Diamond perspective. However, I think it is the right time because with the current all-consuming, and seemingly never-ending, operational problems we are in danger of losing site of a very positive underlying story of investment perhaps on an unprecedented scale.

  • A Midsomer Murder?

    01 August 2016 - Rosemary French

  • Gatwick Diamond and the North/South divide or Interdependence?

    27 July 2016 - Jeff Alexander

    When I joined the Gatwick Diamond Initiative at the start of April, little did I know that, two months later, we would see a national vote to leave the EU and a new Prime Minister! Now we are watching with interest to see what direction the new cabinet will take with regard to investment in the economy and its attitude to what is sometimes called the North/South divide.

  • Can Devolution deliver?

    25 January 2016 - Rosemary French

    I grew up close to the Forth Road Bridge and I remember crossing the bridge on the day it opened in 1964. I actually rather preferred the ferry crossing we used to use to reach Fife, which immediately closed. I also remember canoeing under the massive arches of both the rail and road bridges as a teenager. So I find myself checking up on what is going on up there while I enjoy the far better weather in the South. The new Queensferry Crossing is currently being built and there is a great video of the new bridge’s progress which fascinates me not just because the engineering is so amazing but because I wish we had a fraction of the transport infrastructure projects here that exist in Scotland.

  • Will the Government’s approach to Apprenticeships make the grade?

    10 September 2015 - Rosemary French

    The Summer Budget certainly set Twitter chattering. What, with making it so simple to convert offices, warehouses and now brownfield sites (potentially industrial estates) into housing, reducing employment land and commercial property availability, which we could have used to increase productivity and jobs. I can actually envisage towns and villages becoming commuter deserts, where it becomes impossible to work locally.

  • Can we better enable women to advise employers earlier, if they expect to return after maternity leave – or not?

    02 July 2015 - Rosemary French

    Ok, I am a woman in business but actually I have a problem with current maternity legislation.

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